Saturday, January 7, 2012

Holidays are over! We made it out alive!

You may have wondered where the Drapes Girls have been since Turkey day, and now that we have made it over the river and thru the woods, we are ready to share!
The holidays are always a hecktic and dreamlike adventure for us, between working out the logistics of aligning 3 healthcare worker's schedules and making the grand trek to Oregon, Christmas often leaves us exhausted and barely willing to get out  of bed let alone blog.

This year we wanted to support only local artists in our gift giving and receiving- so here are some of the presents we gently nudged our parents towards and are now happily enjoying.

Necklace by TwistedSister Arts
Buttons By TessaAnn

Necklace By BethStone Studio

Wrap by SandMaiden


Rather than eat a simple meal and enjoy the afternoon relaxing it has always been a family tradition of ours to
1. Go shopping at the worst possible moment (christmas eve day)
2. Make an overly complicated dish  and

3. Amass such a rediculous mess in our parents small kitchen that it takes the majority of our holiday energy to clean it up!
This year it was: Aebleskivers!  Nothing like tiny fried danish pancakes to start that holiday 15lbs off in the right direction! We filled ours with a variety of things including; mozzarella, tomato and basil, fig and goat cheese, and lemon curd!

Even with all the work and driving about, we are proud to announce that it was a wonderful and joy-filled Christmas for all, brought to us mainly by the Mommy and Daddy Drapes pictured below~

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