Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fabulous Fruit Find

You don't really realize how spoiled you get growing up in a farming community where any number of your neighbors grow fruit of some kind, you can pick it yourself, and there's always something ripe. Not until you're grown up and move into a city and suddenly the nectarines are hard as rocks, the strawberries are huge but flavorless, and the raspberries are NEVER sweet.

So when I found a fruit stand on my way home from work today, you can probably guess how happy I was. And of course I wanted to share that happiness here because, well, I'm sure you all can appreciate the joy that comes from nice fresh locally grown produce, too.
This had to have been one of the tastiest fruit salads I've had in months! The strawberries were crisp and sweet, the grapes plump and juicy, and the kiwis were soft because they were actually ripe (rather than from being "test squeezed" by god knows how many grocery shoppers).

And just because I love them, I also indulged in a pair of delectable artichokes.
It didn't matter that I had shopped for the fruit in the pouring rain, or that by the time I paid for everything I couldn't feel my fingers anymore. The feast that resulted from my spur of the moment shopping was totally worth it, I mean who needs fingers anyways? Good fruit is waaay more important.

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