Sunday, March 27, 2011

Philosophical Felines

Anyone else out there who runs an Etsy shop knows that it's not always an easy task. Sometimes life doesn't allow the extra time required to keep up with our creative duties. Along with that comes that sneaking sense of artistic guilt. Are we letting our followers down by not posting new aprons this week? How can they go on without another recipe to try? But the ones who really understand the situation best, are our pets, cats specifically.

Anyone who owns a cat knows, that they really have the right view of life. Wake up, eat, play, nap, lounge in the sun, eat, nap, and so forth. They really keep you grounded, and teach you to not get be so hard on yourself. So to make up for the lack of blog posts this last week, and to give due diligence to my own kitty counterparts, this post is to introduce my wonderful kitties.
 First in order of ownership is Lily, she is a sassy no nonsense tuxedo cat. As you can see here one of her favorite hobbies is applying a hefty layer of fresh fur to any newly washed clothes, and anything left out in the open. Her favorite napping spot is this shelf on my bookcase where I keep clean (at least before she gets to them) towels. Lily's other activities include absconding with any hair ties she can find, and chasing Jupiter around the apartment like a bat out of hell. Which brings us to my other awesome kitty, Jupiter.
Jupiter is a total stud muffin, I adopted him from a local shelter called Animal Talk, and when I saw him I instantly fell in love with his no-tail and clipped ear. He likes to pretend that he's a tough kitty but really he's a teddy bear and loves to spoon with Lily. These two are my moral support and my non-pharmaceutical blood pressure medication.

Along with kitty cuddles, one of my other relaxation techniques recently has been making treasuries, including my submission for this weeks Treasury NonTeam Challenge. My treasury this week is titled "Sunrise, Sunset" and features the bold warm colors of the spring sun.


  1. what sweet kitties! my kitty milo likes to help me with my etsy shop by laying on top of my projects and chewing on my scissors (the handle, don't worry)

  2. Hehe, that definitely sounds familiar, my sisters cat are the ones in our workspace, not mine, but they like to "help" too. One of them likes to pull the pins out of the pin cushion and spit them out on the table out of pure spite!


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