Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is there a doctor in the house?

First of all I want to congratulate my partner in crime on her graduation from Pharmacy school. That's right, we all have to call her Dr. Cami now.
Dr. Cami, Pharmacist, Creative Mastermind, Evil Genius?
Due to some slight procrastination on my part, we have a lot of catching up to do! We've been up to some pretty fun projects since the Maple Valley Craft Bazaar, which of course I haven't even told you about yet. But the longer I put it off the more there will be to write, so back on the horse it is.
We made a portfolio of our aprons for the show.
The craft bazaar was an awesome learning experience for us, and considering that it was our first, I feel pretty satisfied with our results. Not only was it an awesome opportunity to meet other artists in the area, it also gave us incredible insight on what we want to do differently next time. We even sold two aprons, imagine that!
How not to display aprons. When did this seem like a good plan??
Next time we are planning to use a smaller table, if we use one at all, and plan to use a clothes rack, or a standing hat rack to hang our aprons. We found that the table display just didn't to them justice and people were much more drawn to the aprons on the dress forms, two of which were so kindly lent to us by Jennifer of Jenna's Red Rhino.
Clearly we need more dress forms...
And what fun would it have been without doing a little shopping for ourselves? Here are some of the goodies we got at the show. Cami picked out this beautiful necklace from Jenny who runs the shop A Bird in the Hand Art, and I nabbed those super cute earrings.
 I also picked up this adorable owl print wallet from Kristianne who sells some really fun accessories in her shop Made By Kazee. Cami bought a matching purse and she swears that she's going to share it with me.
Cami and our mom also managed to sneak off and bought me an awesome Forest Friends lunch bag from Schnitzel and Boo, just like the one shown but with a red gingham napkin, that I had been keeping my eye on all day. It's just too cute with the little squirrels, racoons, and possums.
Overall the show was a lot of fun and a milestone for us in our crafting adventures. In other recent news we also received a generous gift of quite a copious amount of vintage fabric, how exciting! I'll be taking pictures of our new loot and post about our ambitious plans for it soon. Keep an eye out for another post in a day or two about a couple of our newest projects that we're really excited about!

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