Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our Latest Projects: Practical and Punk Rock

Since the craft fair we've been working a few new exciting things for our shop. The first of these was inspired by a custom order request we received for a goth style apron. We'd considered making them before but weren't sure how much of a market there would be. It has definitely been one of the most fun aprons we've made, Cami and myself having both gone through goth phases ourselves. The end result was this awesome piece which seems like it should be worn by a horror movie butcher villain or mad scientist.
Zipper Doo Dah Custom Apron
On the more practical side of things we also rekindled another idea we had been sitting on for a while. We had been meaning to make some aprons with terry cloth skirts, for the messier cooks out there (I know I always need a place to wipe my hands), and finally we stumbled upon a copious stack of terry cloth at the fabric store, on display. It just screamed to us "Use me for aprons!" So we snatched up a large piece of red terry cloth, knowing full well what we would pair it with and so was born the lovechild of ingenious practicality and irresistible vintage style:
Up-cycled Strawberry Terrycloth Apron
We crafted this awesome apron from vintage applique quilting squares our grandma gave us on our recent visit to Florida, the vibrant red terry cloth, and some authentic vintage green polka dot fabric that was given to us in a treasure trove of vintage fabric.
I had to try pretty hard to talk myself out of keeping this one...
And when I saw authentic vintage I mean it, no joke, that fabric had a frail paper yardage tag stapled to it with the notes written in pencil marking it at 99¢ a yard. I'll have pictures of all that fabric and some of the things we've used it for so far in our next post.

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  1. so cute! i love that custom zipper apron. My style is normally all sunshine and rainbows but I would cook wearing that :)


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