Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mandy's Bytes: Homemade Pizza Rolls

Anybody who likes those frozen Pizza Rolls as much as I do will love today's recipe. Sure, it does take a little more time and effort than microwaving a plate of frozen goods, but I think it's worth the quality difference. There's not really a strict ingredient list for these but you'll need:
Pizza Rolls:
- Pillsbury or any generic brand pizza dough,the kind in a can
- Pizza or marinara sauce
- Your choice of shredded cheese and "toppings"
- Egg white for glaze (optional)
We used some cheddar and Monterrey jack, Canadian bacon and pepperoni.

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees and get your bakeware ready, you can spread them out on a cookie sheet if you like, but I prefer using a glass pie dish, you could probably also use a standard round cake pan.

Spraying the dish with cooking spray and sprinkling bread crumbs or corn meal on the bottom makes it a lot easier to get them out when they are done baking.
Cami's cat Calypso was particularity interested in the piles of pepperoni...
Unroll the can of pizza dough and cut it into squares, three by four ways works pretty well to make 12 good sized rolls from each can of dough. Spread about a half a spoonful of sauce onto the square of dough, then sprinkle cheese on top, add toppings, and finish it off with more cheese. Bring together the corners of the dough and pinch them shut.
Once you have the contents well contained in the dough, line them up on your baking sheet or pie dish. At this point there's lots of options for additional seasoning or decoration. We used egg white to glaze the rolls and sprinkled some basil on top, you can also top with cheese or other spices.
When you bake them just follow the baking instructions on your dough. We baked these at 400 degrees for 15 minutes and they came out nice and golden brown.
Serve them up with the extra pizza sauce, marinara, ranch, or whatever your favorite pizza dipping sauce is. These are quick and easy, and do not survive uneaten for very long once they've cooled.

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