Thursday, May 19, 2011

True Vintage Inspiration

In my recent post about our forays into goth fashion and terry cloth experiments I mentioned that we had received a wonderful gift of vintage fabric. This came from a friend of Cami's who inherited the fabric from her grandmother and thought we would make good use of it. There were definitely some awesome pieces in there and we finally got around to taking some pictures to share with you all.

This stack is some awesome floral prints, my personal favorites are the tiny prints. They are so bright and colorful. Perfect for a pop of color for the waistband and straps of an apron.
Cami's selections were, of course, the green fabrics. The floral shown is simply gorgeous with a painted look about it, bright greens and yellows with screen printed crisp white accents.
This batch reminds me of a vintage kitchen, lemon yellows and bright primary colors. The yellow apple print is especially cute.
We aren't sure how "vintage" this last one is but we couldn't pass it up! It's an awesome collection of animals from these birds, to piranha looking fish, cows, and some we're not quite sure about.
Which fabric is your favorite? What style of apron would you like to see it on?

1 comment:

  1. so cute! I like the last one with the birds on the tree.


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