Monday, September 26, 2011

Goobye Summer, Hello Halloween!

It's official, summer is over. Last week we had a few days of sunny warm, albeit very muggy, weather, but now the rains have come. Not that this is a bad thing, I actually rather like the fall. Just something in the air I guess, maybe I just feel less guilty sitting inside blogging all day when it's rainy out. I also cook a lot more in the cold months, the heat from the over and stove are a lot more welcome when it isn't 70+ degrees. Autumn is just full of wonderful flavors. Hot apple cider, pumpkin pie, spice cakes, and my guiltiest pleasure: salted caramel mochas from Starbucks.
The colors of fall are a welcome change from the bright hues of summer, much more calm and warm. This treasury that our Autumn Leaves apron is featured in shows exactly what I mean.

And of course I can't help but love this season, because it hosts one of my favorite holidays: Halloween! I can count the number of years I haven't dressed up for Halloween in my life on one hand. Each costume has been unique and many were homemade including, but not limited to, Columbia from Rocky Horror Picture Show, Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Lara Croft, and my personal favorite: a squirrel suit complete with hood, tail, and paw mittens.
The squirrel costume, however, was simple in comparison to the project we took on two years ago. Cami, a mutual friend, and myself decided to make, from scratch no less, the most accurate representation possible of Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. We sewed dresses, petticoats, capes, and even made hats from scratch, the only part of our costumes not handmade were the fairy wings.

Grey Taffeta Damask Apron
This is our first year celebrating Halloween in our shop and we already have a few aprons up for the season, my favorite so far is this gorgeous piece made of grey taffeta with a cut velvet damask pattern, it's dark for Halloween but the print can still be worn year round.

You can see all of our Halloween and fall aprons in the Seasonal Section of our Etsy shop. We have at least five other apron designs in the works, including an adorable 50's style applique apron than I'm half tempted to keep, so keep an eye out for more in the coming weeks. Another of our Halloween aprons, the Black and Maroon Spiderweb style, was featured in this awesome collection of Halloween items.

As you can tell I'm very excited for the coming holidays. What are you most excited for this fall? Do you have a costume planned yet?

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