Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Top 5 Treasury Resources

Tonight's post is all about treasuries. This is a collection of the top five resources I've found in relation to treasuries. From the reasons why you should make them, why you should participate in a treasury team, and what to do when you are featured in a treasury to two different kinds of tools you can use for making and sharing treasuries.

1. Why Make Treasuries?
This blog post about Creating Treasuries and Collections is from Market My Shop. It discusses how the making of treasuries not only supports and promotes the other shops but also brings traffic and attention to your own. He also gives some tips and tricks on making a good treasury.

2. Joining a Treasury Team
I've mentioned this post from Jenna's Red Rhino about Joining Treasury Teams before in my post about joining the Treasury NonTeam. It is a great post describing some of the benefits of joining a treasury making team, and how much fun it can be.

You've been featured!
3. When You Get Featured
Making treasuries is all well and good, but this next blog post from Creative Originals talks about what to do when your item is featured. Read this post to know what to do to promote treasuries featuring your items, after the initial happy dance of course.

4. Tools For Making Treasuries
If you've made treasuries before you probably know that it can be a bit of a pain. Luckily Schmetsy provides a set of tools to help you out. Their treasury maker allows you to save drafts of your treasuries as well as simply click an item to add it. My favorite tool of theirs is the convo sender which notifies all the featured artists with just a few clicks.

5. Tools For Sharing Treasuries
Once you've made your treasuries you'll want to share them. Craft Cult provides just the right tool for this with their Treasury Widget creator. Below is an example of my latest Halloween treasury displayed by Craft Cult. Not only is this tool great for sharing your treasuries, you can also use it to see and share treasuries you're featured it. The featured search is great since you don't always know from your Etsy feed where your work is being featured.

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