Thursday, April 21, 2011

Accessories in our Genes

We're back! Actually we've been back... since last Saturday... but it's been busy and you know how it goes. But now that the dust has settled again, I have some time to write a little about our trip. Cami and I went on a mini vacation last week with our mom to Florida to visit our aunt and grandparents. It was a pretty mellow trip filled with lots of family time, afternoon naps and swimming to cool off. Okay fine, maybe it was only in the high 70's, but come on, we're from the Northwest, that's like a 30 degree jump! Needless to say we spent as much time as possible enjoying the air conditioning.
Family Portrait: (from left to right) Mom, Grandma, Mandy, Aunt, Grandpa, Cami
As long as I can remember, one of the most fun things to do when visiting our grandparents is rummaging through my grandma's sewing room. This is of course the grandma we named our line of Camilla aprons after, which she found very touching.
Grandma's Sewing To-Do Pile
 As you can see her age is certainly not holding back her sewing ambitions, also evidenced by the wall and a half of hats she's made.
My personal favorite is the top right, complete with netting and butterflies.
Since she is obviously not at a loss for fabric she let us look through her collection of the some of the fabric that gotten lost as the years went by. One of the items we found were these awesome vintage applique squares.
Kermit approves!
We, of course, had to turn these babies into an apron. Combines with some other vintage red and white star print we came up with this awesome new addition to our shop.
Up-cycled Strawberry Shortcake II Apron
So.. I'm glad to be back and I apologize for the hiatus. Keep an eye out for new aprons as we prepare for the Bazaar at Maple Valley Community Center on May 1st. Yikes! Only a week away!


  1. Wow to your grandma's sewing, and WOW to the cute apron you made with the strawberries!

  2. so cute! and I love your grandma's hats! oh i wish i could wear them. why don't more people wear hats like that?

    only a week left. yikes!


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