Monday, October 10, 2011

Occasional Vintage: Hazel Hues

Normally I would have titled this post a "Weekly Vintage" but then I realized that it's really not fair to call it weekly if I don't do it every week... None the less, here is my latest find for our vintage shop. When I saw these I had to get them, it's a set of 70's ceramic corn dishes.
Set of 4 Ceramic Corn Dishes
Genius! How have I never heard of this idea before? Perfect little plates just the right size for corn on the cob, and I'm always down for some 70's brown and cream glaze. These would be a great decoration item for Thanksgiving, even if you don't use them for some delicious corn on the cob, slathered in butter... mmmm.. But I digress, these lovely dishes were also featured in a beautiful treasury which highlight pretty much the only fall color we were missing: brown.
Another treasury with a harvest theme feature our Stalk of Wheat Mug. After living on a hazelnut orchard for 10 years, I still have lots of fond (and some not so much, heh) memories of harvest time, so I really like this one.
I still haven't decided on a Halloween costume for this year, but I've been doing a lot of inspiration searching on Etsy and Pinterest. We'll have more Halloween aprons coming out this week in our shop, including a few more sexy designs, I'm excited to get them posted. I'm also excited to go eat some more of the delicious apple cake I made yesterday. Who needs real food?

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