Monday, October 3, 2011

Our Sewing Pegboard: Round Two

Last month, after the drawn out process of preparing and mounting our peg board, I wrote a nice long post about how we did it and declared the pegboard project "done." But as you can see from the picture at the end of the post, I was kidding myself, we were far from finished, the whole middle was blank! I realized that I really had not planned out what all should go on it, and where things should be placed, so it took me a while to mull over what would be most helpful.
Now that it actually is finished I've procrastinated taking more pictures, so shame on me. But now I present to you documented proof that it finally became the wonderful thing we had hoped for! Before it gets all messy from the holiday season....  And really, I'm hoping that having the pegboard will eliminate most of the messes that used to occur while we were working before.
My personal favorite parts are the thread racks. I do all of the serging on our aprons, and having all the threads I use frequently literally right next to me is a lifesaver. Before they were in three different plastic cases, which were terrible, and as a result the threads mostly got thrown in our catch-all "supplies bin" where I would have to dig them out from the next time. So I'd say we've improved on that area. Along the bottom edge are small bins that hold everything from needles to extra sewing machine feet and all of our small tools for machine maintenance.
The regular thread rack is great for Cami too, since her old thread box was just as bad as the ones for our serger thread. But Cami's biggest problem with our old digs was never being able to find a pair of scissors (or other sharp tool of choice). So now she has hooks for the fabric scissors, regular scissors for snipping threads, and our good rotary blade. She also has the quilting ruler within reach, and a bin where she likes to keep the binding to be used on our current project, and the case of bobbins is right next to the thread racks.

Up top we have all of our ribbons on a dowel for easy access, as well as a set of jars that hold our buttons. To tell the truth we really don't use that many buttons, but I just love the way they look and hey, it's my pegboard, so there!

We also have a larger bin that holds all of our colorful pens and card stock for writing thank you notes and care tags, as well as our fabric marking pens and pencils. Next to this bin is also a hook for our single hole punch.

Lastly I also wanted to show off our new fabric organization, we used to keep all of our fabric in large Tupperware bins, the kind that are everywhere this time of year. They're great for storing decorations. They are, unfortunately, not very good for storing fabric that you need frequent access to. No matter how often we folded and organized, they were constantly being pawed through in search of this or that fabric and were always a total mess. Our solution was to use these simple closet organizers that hang from the rod. Not only is it much easier to keep our colors separated and well folded, you get a lot more inspiration from an open display of fabric than from staring at a plastic bin, that's for sure. And that what is all comes down to, isn't it? Inspiration. How can you expect to create inspired work in a workspace that doesn't enable your creative process? You can't.

Tell us about how you make your workspace inspired.

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