Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Fabric Sneak Preview

Yesterday Cami and I took a trip to the fabric store and got a killer deal stocking up for fall, thanksgiving, and of course Christmas goodies. I really love the color themes of fall and we got some very cute fabrics, and some basics to match vintage and up-cycled pieces we already had. We've got a lot of idea in mind and I'm really excited to get started bringing them to life. In the mean time, here's a little sneak peak of what you'll be seeing in our shop soon.
Up-cycled Green Plaid Linens and Retro Leaf Print Cotton
This leaf print is from the fabric store, and I was so thrilled when we got it back and realized that it matched these green plaid linens. We've had them sitting in our stores for quite a while now, and I was convinced we'd never find something that matched.
Vintage Turkey Trim, Cotton Leaf Print, and Burnt Orange Linen
We were given this awesome vintage turkey and pumpkin trim from our grandma last spring when we visited our family down in Florida, and I have been waiting to use it ever since.
Green Wrench Print and Black Canvas
I don't know if this really fits into fall themes, but I love this print and I think when it's finished it would made a good Christmas present.
Retro Leaf Print, Burnt Orange and Mustard Linen
We've had that mustard yellow linen hanging out for a while, too, like the green plaid, it just isn't easy to match. But if any season is perfect for mustard, it's fall and I love this combo of yellow, orange and the leaf print.

Keep an eye out in the Seasonal section of our shop for fall aprons, and you can still find out Halloween aprons there as well.

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