Monday, October 24, 2011

Sandwich Bag Freezer Smoothies

I recently made a pretty exciting purchase while browsing the kitchen wares isle at Ross, there was a nice Black and Decker blender sitting there all alone, for just $15. In hindsight it seems a little strange that it took me so long to buy one, since they're so very useful. Naturally to celebrate the awesome blending opportunities I also bought a huge tub of plain yogurt and two big bags of frozen fruit for smoothies. On my first attempt I made almost an entire blender full of smoothie trying to balance fruit and milk and not kill my blender.
So I was very excited to find this idea via Pinterest for bags of smoothie goodies ready to just pop in the blender. Not only are these a perfect way to save time on preparation, you don't have to worry about yogurt and fresh produce going bad if you go smoothie-less for a week. The first step is to make yogurt cubes.
My boyfriend helped me out on this step with the genius idea to go piping-bag-style with the yogurt. So I dumped a huge tub into a quart freezer bag and snipped the end off to squeeze even amounts of yogurt into the ice cube trays. Stick these in the freezer and wait a few hours.
Originally I bought frozen strawberries and frozen peaches, because they were extremely cheap at Grocery Outlet. To these I added fresh bananas and kiwis and frozen blackberries, there's a world of possibilities out there.
It's not exactly easy to measure chopped and frozen fruit, but you want roughly 1 1/2 cups in each bag, and 3 yogurt cubes. Each bag is enough for two smoothies, just dump into a blender and add milk or juice until you reach the consistency you like.
I did combinations of blackberry-peach, strawberry-banana, and strawberry-kiwi. I even had one bag that ended up strawberry-blackberry-banana because I ran out of strawberries and bananas, but it was eaten right after I made it. It was clearly the weakest member of the herd.
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