Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Goodwill to Good Lookin': Cross Stitch Table Cloth

Many of our aprons are up-cycled from vintage and re-purposed materials and we wanted to show you guys a little more insight into our process. Our latest apron started out as a sage green vintage table cloth with a hand cross-stitched floral design, in green and white, in the middle and at the corners of the table cloth. We cut the table cloth in half to use one half as the skirt of the apron.
The wavy table cloth edge adds a flirty touch to the hem.
From the remaining half we used one corner of the table cloth to make a pocket, with a folded down top that we embellished with a re-purposed button. The pocket is edged with a decorative stitch which compliments the original stitching of the fabric.
The flower shaped button is the cherry on top of this apron.
We finished the piece with a waistband of sage and cream polka dot cotton which is attached to the skirt with the same decorative stitch used on the pockets. The final result is a very cute, flirty apron that speaks to this springs farmhouse, shabby chic trends.
Garden Greens Cross-Stitched Apron

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