Sunday, April 10, 2011

Goodwill to Good Lookin': Lions Club Blazer

One of our popular items lately are the men's up-cycled suit aprons, like the Fry Another Day apron which only lasted a few hours in our Etsy shop before selling. We recently got quite a steal on some suit jackets and shirts to make these aprons at St. Vincent de Paul, so we wanted to share the process of making them with you. One of our finds was this neat powder blue Lions Club International blazer.
This was such a cool vintage discovery, I loved the color, and the Lions Club patch added an extra retro charm to the jacket. We paired it up with a white dress shirt to complete the look.
 The first thing we do to make these aprons is deconstruct the jacket and trim the front down to an apron shape.
To make the lower half of the apron we use the bottom back of the jacket and extend the length of the jacket front. Here you can see this piece being hemmed before getting attached to the jacket front.
Once the shirt piece is fitted and tacked into the apron front, we finish it off by adding the waist strap. The final product is a dashing apron that will make any man look like a 5 Star chef!
License To Grill Mens Apron

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