Saturday, April 2, 2011

Organization and Inspiration

To celebrate the end of Cami's perpetual busyness (Pharmacy rotations) we spent some time cleaning out our workspace and re-organizing our fabric stash to get some inspiration. Here are a few of the sets of fabric we paired together.
Vintage Floral Linens, Sage Polka Dot, and Yellow Floral Print
Violet Floral Print, Lavender and Yellow Up-Cycled Linens
Up-Cycled Linens in Circle Print, Yellow and Green
Vintage Floral Fabric, Yellow and Green Up-Cycled Linens
Green and Red Floral, Cream Linen-look Cotton, and Green Up-Cycled Linens
Jenny, who runs the Etsy shop A Bird in the Hand Art, has also used this fabric in some beautiful fabric decoupage jewelry. I guess great minds think alike at the fabric store.
Striped Canvas, Sage Polka Dot, and Up-Cycled Aqua Linens
Our Black and White Collection

Up-cycled Aqua and Lime Linens, and Yarn Skein Print Cotton
The last is what really caught our eye as the project to take on for the day. So we set to work with the help of Cami's cats Kermit, who watched over the work table, keeping us on task.
Kermit, Productivity Manager
We also had the assistance of Calypso, who makes sure our scraps and thread clippings are properly disposed of.
Calypso, Head of Waste Management
I managed to get photographs of the finished product today in a tiny window of good weather, before the rain started up again.
Knitter's Dream in Aqua and Green

We hope you enjoyed the sneak peak into our stash, which combination is your favorite?


  1. i love all that beautiful fabric (and that we are fabric buddies). I'm excited to see all of your work at the May 1st Bazaar. Maybe I can get a matching apron to one of my necklaces :)

  2. oh and ps. your kitty is adorable. my kitty likes to help me as well

  3. I love the color combinations. Great eye for colors and patterns!

    And can I borrow your head of waste management? My scraps sit on the floor, slowly getting matted into the carpet.


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