Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Filler From Florida

The Drapes of Wrath team, Cami and myself, are on a mini vacation this week to Florida with our mom to visit our Grandparents and Aunt. It is hot, hot, hot and we are trying to keep in the shade so we don't get heat stroke. In absense of any original posts about cooking or sewing here are a handful of the treasuries we've been featured in this week.

The first is a lovely collection of gift ideas for Mother's Day put together by Lesley over at The Fabric Vinyard, featureing our Garden Greens Cross-Stitch Apron.

Our Up-Cycled Knitter's Dream apron was featured in a showcasing of spring fashion by Kerri at Cup Of Grace Studio, where you can find her beatuiful original paintings.

And Susan who runs the Etsy shop Suzi's Corner Boutique also featured the Up-Cycled Knitter's Dream apron in this beautiful batch of blues.

We'll have a nice post about our trip with lots of pictures when we get back to the wet cold Northwest, that is if we don't melt first....

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