Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Digital Scrap-Booking Adventure & Giveaway!

For all the crafting I do, and I have done a fair amount of crafting in my day, one of the things I hadn't even attempted was scrap-booking. I think I was mostly just intimidated by the scrap-booking isle, there are so many different papers and stickers and they certainly aren't cheap. The solution is our giveaway prize: My Memories Suite. This is a pretty nifty little program especially for a) a nerdy person like myself and b) for someone new to scrap-booking.
Drapes of Wrath calender in the future? We shall see...

First of all, it's got an extremely forgiving learning curve. It hardly took any time at all to get a hang of the interface and get going. The first thing I made, using some of the free downloads from their site, is this cute calendar. It was a snap to put together, print out, and stick that baby up on my fridge.

The actual digital scrap-booking tools are likewise, very easy to use. You can use some of the default layouts, or start from scratch. I whipped up
this Drapes of Wrath portfolio style page using a default layout, you simply click on the boxes and select a picture from your files. Once you have the pictures in you can choose a background, either and image of your own, or any of the different paper styles available. There are tons of downloadable papers and embellishments, which are like digital stickers for your projects.

You can really do pretty much any kind of project with this program, posters, cards, calender, and of course: scrap-booking. You can share your albums online, burn them to CD and print them out. I even created these cute new thank you cards that match our website style for us to include in our apron packaging. Believe me when I tell you that I am not a skilled scrap-booker and I managed to create all this stuff in just an afternoon of trying this scrap-booking software.

Now on to the best part, the rewards for all of you! Below you can use the Rafflcopter giveaway plugin to enter for a free copy of the My Memories Suite. And for everyone, you can use the code:  STMMMS91230 for $10 off My Memories Suite and a $10 coupon for downloads from their store.

The giveaway ends next Wednesday, September 7th and the winner will be announced on Thursday. Tomorrow we're going to be tackling the pegboard, so I'll be posting all about that soon to be sure. Good luck to everybody in the giveaway!

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