Saturday, August 20, 2011

Goodwill to Good Lookin': 1970's Floral Napkins

I'm going to be honest here and admit that, between the two of us, Cami is most certainly the master of the sewing machine while I am more proficient with the serger. So it is with pride that I present our latest Goodwill to Good Lookin' project during which I conquered my fear of sewing.
This apron started out with a set of twelve of these beyond awesomely retro napkins that we found at Goodwill. The colors are so fun, a classic 70's palette, but still so bright! It's hard to find vintage linens that aren't faded beyond recognition, but these were in perfect condition. And they were ideal for our Camilla aprons, which feature a three handkerchief design.
The most challenging part for me was getting the decorative stitch settings of the sewing machine to put on fabric what I had imagined, and seen Cami do without a second though so many times. After sewing many a line on my sample scraps I finally got it just right. I used a tight zig-zag to stitch the napkins together and form the pockets, and finished it off with a cute vine stitch at the waist band.
The finished product in our shop.
After quite a bit of frustration, and maybe some cursing, the apron came out looking adorable. I have a special place in my heart for this color scheme, (blame it on our old kitchen growing up: dark cabinets, orange counters, orange floor) something about the orange and yellow and chocolate brown just draw me in. You can view the listing for this apron in our shop here.

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