Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Drapes of Wrath's Guide to PAX

Today we're going to stray from vintage knick-knackery and sewing to venture down the path less traveled into the realm of geekery. This weekend the Penny Arcade Expo hit the Seattle Convention Center, and being the nerds we are, we had to go. This is our third year attending the convention and we present to you, our loyal readers, a step by step guide to:
Step 1. "Constant vigilance" - Mad Eye Moody
PAX tickets sell out within days, or even hours, of going live (which happens 3 months before the event is to be held). So if you plan to attend you better have a game plan and cat-like reflexes. Pay close attention to announcements about when tickets will go on sale, and be ready with Eye of the Tiger on loop the morning sales open up.
Step 2. Secure Lodging
Even if you are lucky enough to live in Seattle (like we do) and could travel to PAX daily, we highly recommend making hotel reservations within walking distance of the Convention Center. Standing around in line to play video games may not sound like a tiring activity, but considering the average activity level of video game connoisseurs, even a single day at PAX can be exhausting. Having your own clean bed to nap in is greatly preferable to the vast expanses of multicolored bean bags, glistening with the sweat of who knows how many other gamers.
Public Health Hazard?
Step 3. Appropriate Attire
Seriously. You'll be sorry if you don't.
Ladies, check out this guide from Girls Are Geeks to answer the age of question: "What shall I wear??"

Step 4. Bring Your Camera
People spend all year preparing their costumes for PAX, and other conventions, and greatly appreciate their hard worked being admired in the form of endless praise and photos.

Those are just a few things to keep in mind, but the most important is to keep and open mind and have fun. There are countless demos, tournaments, workshops and concerts to go to. And remember: 90% of the people in attendance are just as shy as you, so make some new friends in these three days of judgement-free, uninhibited fun spent away from the mouse, keyboard or controller. For more pictures visit our Facebook page.
A special thanks to John Gross for encouraging and facilitating our ensured attended to PAX for the last three years.

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